Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

  • Security Systems Can Help Firefighters Deal With McMansion Fires

    While your home may be your sanctuary, it can also -- under certain circumstances -- become your death trap. In 2011, there were more than 1.3 million fires and 3,000 fire-related deaths in the United States Sadly, 75% of deaths caused by fires in the United States took place in homes, and many could have been prevented. Fires in mega-size homes -- sometimes referred to as McMansions -- can be especially dangerous for both firefighters and residents.

  • Minimizing Employee Theft

    If you own a retail store, you need to be diligent in keeping theft down in order to retain the most from your profits. Employee theft is an unfortunate yet very real occurrence. There are many methods you can use to try to minimize the amount of theft you will experience from your own employees. Here are some tips for you to use in your own store in an attempt to keep inventory from disappearing into the hands of people you trust.

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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

I had always thought that security guards were only needed by the rich and famous. I never expected to have to hire one for my family until our home was broken into one night. Immediately after the break-in, my children were terrified to go to sleep at night. We found a good security system that couldn't be installed until a few days later. After two sleepless nights, I decided to look into hiring a security guard to stay awake at our home for one night, so I could finally get some rest. I couldn't believe how affordable it was to have a guard at my home for a few hours during the night, and we all got great sleep knowing were safe. I hope I help others who have suffered from home break-ins. A security guard can help you feel secure when waiting for your security system to be installed.