Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Systems Can Help Firefighters Deal With McMansion Fires

by Deann Collins

While your home may be your sanctuary, it can also -- under certain circumstances -- become your death trap. In 2011, there were more than 1.3 million fires and 3,000 fire-related deaths in the United States Sadly, 75% of deaths caused by fires in the United States took place in homes, and many could have been prevented. Fires in mega-size homes -- sometimes referred to as McMansions -- can be especially dangerous for both firefighters and residents.

For example, a sleeping homeowner may not even realize that there is fire in another part of their huge mansion, even if a smoke alarm were to go off in the immediate area. So what can you do if you own a McMansion?

McMansion-size Problems

McMansions can sometimes be the size of a small hotel, yet many have inadequate systems to deal with a fire. According to, these huge homes are a problem for firefighters because:

  • They often have unusual layouts, which can make it difficult for firefighters trying to fight the blaze and to rescue occupants. 
  • Many are filled to the gill with items that can fuel the fire. 
  • The large open floor plans that are popular in many McMansions allow a fire to spread more quickly than in smaller homes with compartmentalized rooms. 
  • A McMansion may be located down a long driveway, far from the nearest fire hydrant. 

Install a Security System

In January 2015, a huge mansion in Annapolis, Maryland burned completely to the ground, killing six people. The cause? A 15-foot Christmas tree that had been cut down two months earlier and had allegedly been lit up with lights most of the time. Fire officials believe that the tree caught fire because the electrical outlet that the Christmas lights were connected to was faulty.

Unfortunately, a standard smoke alarm in a large home such as this may not have adequate warning to make their escape. That is why installing a security system with fire and smoke monitoring, such as those available through ADT, is so important. A system like this can:

  • Monitor for the possibility of a fire with sophisticated fire and smoke detectors. 
  • Alert residents to any possible fires within the home. 
  • Quickly contact the fire department for the homeowners, eliminating a step that the residents would have to do if they only had smoke detectors. 

Sadly, without a professional fire detection system installed in your McMansion, you could be putting the lives of your family at risk. 


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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

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