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3 Benefits of Armed Courier Services

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When you operate a business that is responsible for transporting inventory from one place to another, one of the best things you can do is invest in the help that a professional armed courier service can provide. These companies will take it upon themselves to transport your materials to their destination quickly and with an added measure of protection. With this in mind, read below to gain an understanding of the benefits of an armed courier service so that you can begin reaching out to companies that can serve you.  #1: Armed Courier Services Protect Your Valuable Inventory Armed courier services combine the efficiency of a private courier with the protection of a seasoned security guard. Many armed courier companies staff security personnel with backgrounds in military and law enforcement, so you will know that your merchandise is in good hands until it reaches its destination. This can be incredibly important if you deal expensive merchandise or other inventory that opportunistic thieves might attempt to prey upon. Not only do these professionals carry weapons and operate discreetly, they also travel in armored vehicles, giving you an added measured of protection when you need your inventory to get from point A to point B with no loss.  #2: Armed Courier Services Help You Get Your Inventory To Its Destination Without Delay When you send inventory through one of the standard companies, they will typically be subject to delays due to several factors. These companies have a wide variety of deliveries to make, so the fastest delivery time you can hope to expect is typically overnight or the next day. Conversely, courier services can make deliveries for you the same day, sometimes within the same hour. This lets you conduct business on your own timetable without have having to worry about losing money.  #3: Armed Courier Services Have Higher Standards of Reliability Courier companies have more of a local presence and an understanding of your local community, so their reputation is more at stake than bigger companies. Because of this, they typically go above and beyond to guarantee deliveries and make sure that there are no hiccups in the process. You will also be able to speak more directly about these matters should problems arise, as opposed to having your issue routed through large customer service departments, which could take a while to resolve the matter.  To take advantage of these benefits, begin reaching out to an armed courier service that can help...

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Small Dogs & Large Spaces: Easy Ways To Monitor Your Little Critters At Home

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When a small dog is left home alone, it can roam around large areas and possibly cause trouble. Keeping track of these animals is important when you’re away for work or a social outing. Instead of worrying or waiting until you get home, there are multiple security features you can have installed that cater to the monitoring of your pet. Installing these features can ensure that your pets are safe and not getting into any trouble. Low Positioned Motion Sensors Small dogs may have slight movements and small frames that do not activate motion sensors like humans typically do. To help track your dog’s movements from room to room, you can have a security company install low positioned motion sensors. These motion sensors can be connected with cameras to record footage and feed the footage right to your phone or other device. Along with watching your dog, the motion sensors and cameras can be used to track any services you may hire like a dog walker. Doggy Door Security Your small dog may have the freedom to roam out into a small kennel area to go to the bathroom. During some situations you may want to lock or monitor the doggy door area. For example, you may want to lock off the area if a bad storm is coming through. A security company can help you install advanced security doggy doors. These doors feature automatic locking and can connect to your Wi-Fi for remote operation. These features can prevent anyone from climbing through the doggy door, but still gives your small canine access when needed. Hidden Security Cameras A number of security cameras are typically mounted up high. If you want to get the perspective of your small dog, then you can have small hidden security cameras installed in your home. These cameras blend in with regular objects and are typically placed at a low level to capture clear footage of your dog. For example, you can purchase items like potted plants or tissue boxes with hidden cameras placed in them. A security company can help link cameras to your current system so that it’s easy to view footage of your dog. Home Automation A small dog needs to be comfortable and safe when left inside a home. The best way to monitor these situations is by having home automation security features installed. For example, you can have automated tools for your thermostat. This allows you to operate your air conditioner in the summer and the heater during the winter. You can make the conditions comfortable for your dog. Small dogs can easily run away and get lost. This is why home automation tools can really help out with garage doors. Alerts can be sent when the garage door is left open. You can easily shut it through an app-connected device like a phone. Contact home security companies for more information on the various services and ways you can help keep your small dog...

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Need Security? 3 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Security Company For Your Business

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You’ve invested a lot of time and money into your business, so you want to make sure it’s well-protected. One way to do that is by hiring a private security company to secure your location. Private security guards can protect your business by being a constant presence on your property. Criminals are less likely to target your business if they know you have professional security guards on the premises. When choosing a security company, you’ll want to ask the right questions. These questions will ensure that you receive the best protection for your business. Here are three questions you’ll want to ask. What Level of Service Will They Provide? When it comes to securing your property, there are two different types of services a security company will provide. Those services are to either observe and report, or to actively engage in the incident. If the security guards are going to observe and report, that means that they will observe and incident and then provide a report after the fact. If they’re going to actively engage in the incident, the security guards are going to actively work to stop an event from happening on your premises. It will be up to you to decide whether you want active attempts to stop the event, or if you merely want a detailed report of the incident. Do They Have the Proper Training? If you’ve decided that you want the security guards to actively engage, you’ll need to make sure that they have the proper training. This should include training on all equipment that they will be using while on duty – including batons, Tasers or pepper spray. If you’ll be employing armed guards, you’ll also need to ensure that they have the appropriate firearms permits for weapons carry. Failure to ensure proper training could leave you liable to incidences that occur on your property involving security. What Other Security Options Would They Recommend? In addition to hiring security guards for your premises, there may be other ways to secure your business assets. Ask your security company for any suggestions or recommendations that they might have that would help secure your business. For maximum protection, ask the security company to do a walk-through inspection of your worksite to identify any potential security risks. If you own a business, you want to make sure that your investment is well-protected. That’s where a security company comes in. Security guards will ensure that your business–including your equipment, employees and customers–are protected. Contact security companies in your area to learn...

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Doing Your Part To Prevent False Alarms In Your Home Security System

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One of the problems with any home security installation is the number of false alarms that require local law enforcement to respond. 10 to 25 percent of the calls to the police department are false alarms coming from home systems. This ties up the local law enforcement and prevents them from responding to real problems. In some areas, the homeowner is charged for any false alarms to which police respond. Here are some ways that you and your family can reduce the number of false alarms issued by your home security system. 1. Have the installation technician train each family member on how to operate the alarm. Don’t just pass on the information yourself or expect family members to read the manual. Each person should be trained first-hand to operate the control panel by the installer. They should also go over every function that they will use regularly. 2. Everyone should know how to disarm the system should it be accidentally triggered. Most systems give you a few seconds to disarm the alarm before it goes off. This gives a person time to unlock and open a door, walk over to the security control panel and push in a code before the alarm sounds. Practice this with each family member until they can easily perform the operation. Discuss with everyone how to respond to special situations. A person holding a bag full of groceries unlocks and opens the door. At that point, the grocery bag breaks, spilling the contents on the floor. A natural reaction is to stop and pick up the groceries. But this delay gives the alarm the chance to go off and the person now must deal with that. When possible, the person should continue into the house to disable the alarm, then come back and deal with the situation. 3. Have a plan to deal with an accidental triggering of the alarm. It’s likely that someone will forget and activate the alarm by accident. Alarm companies have different ways of responding to alarms. Many give you a phone number to call to cancel the alarm before they call local police to respond. You’ll be asked for a password so the service can verify that you are a member of the family. Don’t post this anywhere near the control panel and make sure everyone remembers the phone number and password. 4. Use motion sensors carefully. Motion sensors can be a source of false alarms if not installed and used properly. Some of the ways the motion sensors can trigger an alarm when you don’t want them to include: household pets jumping up on furniture furnace vents or a breeze through a window left open causes a curtain to move a birthday party balloon comes loose from its cord and floats through the room Contact a home security company like Amped Security for more...

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Choosing Armed Or Unarmed Security For Your Business

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As a business owner, securing your property is a paramount concern. If you’ve decided to work with a security company to monitor the property, you’re going to have to decide if you want the security staff to be armed or not. Both options have their benefits, but that doesn’t mean that they’re both right for your business. To choose the right one for your needs, here’s what you need to know. Think About Your Environment One of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing between armed and unarmed security is the safety of your environment. If your business is a low-risk one and your office is in a safe, low-threat neighborhood, you might not need to be as concerned with armed security services. In those situations, you should be sufficiently protected with an unarmed security staff. However, if you’re in an unsafe area or you have a high-risk business, you’ll probably want to have armed security staff on hand. Consider Your Customers You’ll also want to think about your typical clientele and what they might expect to see in your offices. In some industries, it can be somewhat unnerving for customers to see an armed security officer in the building. For example, some high-end businesses such as upscale restaurants may leave customers feeling uneasy with armed security on staff. However, businesses like apartment complexes, nightclubs and jewelry stores often provide a sense of comfort for customers when offering armed security. Consider Cost and Training Since the cost can vary widely between armed and unarmed security, it’s in your best interest to know exactly what your budget is before you choose. Armed security requires extensive firearms training, skill certifications and continuing education to maintain their permits. That leads to a more costly service if you want armed security officers on your property. If your budget is such that you need a more affordable option, unarmed security is likely the way to go. Most unarmed security officers receive negotiation training as well as some self-defense training that can be used to stop someone if necessary. Choosing the right security staff for your business is an important step. Don’t automatically dismiss one or the other based on your own misconceptions. Instead, consider the things presented here to determine which one is the best fit for your business. Talk with a local security service (like A P I Security) today to find out what your options...

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Worried About Repeat Burglaries? How Safe Maintenance Can Prevent Additional Monetary Losses

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Having a large safe in your organization is a convenient way to secure things of value. However, it does make your establishment a target for thieves and burglars. If you have already experienced a robbery in the last couple of months, you may want to call in the security company that provides the repairs to your safe and request a service package for safe maintenance. The information below describes this maintenance can consist of and how it can prevent additional monetary losses. Oiling Gears, Checking Tumblers and Preventing Sounds Large safes, and even smaller wall safes, usually have several gears and tumblers inside them. To keep these moving smoothly, they need to be oiled. To oil them, your technician may need to take part of the safe apart. At this time, he or she may also check to see if there is any unusual grinding between gears and tumblers. The grinding actually aids a safecracker in determining when he or she is getting close to unlocking the safe. Your technician can file down some of the rough and grinding spots on the tumblers while oiling the gears so that everything moves so smoothly it is hard for a safecracker to detect any sound or movement at all. Tightening Loose Bolts If you did not have your security company perform a full checkup on your safe the last time it was burglarized, you may be surprised to discover that it has some loose components or loose bolts. The loose bolts, especially if they are part of the mechanism that turns the door’s wheel and opens the safe, can make it that much easier for your safe to be re-burglarized. The security technician can tighten these bolts while still making sure that the door’s wheel can turn smoothly. This makes it more difficult for a thief to break open the safe by pulling the opening wheel free from loose bolts and forces the thief to spend precious seconds loosening the bolts again (when the thief cannot or does not use the tumbler listening method to crack a safe). Checking and Testing Electrical Components Many modern safes now have electrical and digital components. These components run on electrical wiring and timers connected to your security system. They may be programmable or manual. Regardless of how your system works, you should have the wiring, timers and security codes checked, tested and changed regularly to confuse and confound any would-be thieves. This service should also coincide with daylight savings time (where it is observed) so that the safe is running on the same schedule as you and your organization are. If any electrical components or wiring are not working properly, working on the correct time, or just not working at all, a thief can take full advantage of this...

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Choosing The Right Features For Your Home Security System

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When you decide it is time to purchase a home security system, there are several features you can choose from. Cable and telephone companies have entered into the security and home monitoring business, so there are more options to choose from than ever before. But you will need to pick and choose the right features based on the security strategy that you would like to implement.  Choosing Between A Home Monitoring Company And Simply An Alarm The greatest benefit from a home alarm system is that you can have the police notified. This can either be done with a very loud alarm or with a home monitoring service. The high-decibel alarm is less expensive, but it is only effective if your neighbors are home to call the police and if you can trust your neighbors to do so. The alarm has to be so loud that neighbors in nearby homes can hear it. This level of volume may also irritate your neighbors if your alarm is accidentally set off periodically. The shrillness of the alarm can be enough to cause intruders to want to leave. A more reliable approach is to have your alarm monitored by an independent home monitoring company. Then, if your home is broken into, the monitoring company will first try to contact you and determine if you are at home. If they discover that you are in danger or if they are unable to contact you, they will then call the police. The alarm can either be silent or can include an audible alarm. Whether or not you choose a silent alarm depends on whether you would like to catch the intruder in the act or whether you would like to simply drive off the intruder. Deciding On Other Features You will need to determine whether you would like to have a surveillance system implemented. A surveillance camera can be a deterrent, especially if you include a sign outside that warns would-be criminals of the surveillance. If you are concerned with monitoring your children when they come home or if your home is frequently vandalized and you would like to catch the vandals in the act, a security camera can help do so or can at least act as a deterrent. Also, you need to decide whether you would like to access your security system remotely. This will allow you to monitor your home from afar, but may make it possible for hackers as...

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How You Should Use Security At Your Next Event

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During an event, you have the responsibility to make sure that all of the attendees and special guests are protected from security breaches. Not only that, but proper security will make the event a greater success, especially if you follow these tips.  Understand the Security Guards’ Role Event security not only exists to keep your event safe, but they are also responsible for helping you run the event. For example, they help you manage the flow of attendees to and from the event. Therefore, you must make sure that the security guards are treated as a part of your team and are filled-in on the details of everything you expect to occur during the event. Choose the Right Balance of Guards You will want the right balance between security and the number of guests. Not only will too much security cost more money, but it will also likely make your guests feel uneasy. Bring this up as you interview multiple security companies to get a sense of what you need. Fill the event with a mixture of visible and plainclothes security guards. The uniformed guards should be on the outside perimeter, while the plainclothes guards should be inside, providing an extra level of security. Plainclothes security guards could wear shirts that simply read “staff.” Predict Threats The problem with managing security yourself is that it can be difficult for you to predict which threats are the most likely to happen. Security experts will evaluate your event to predict any potential security breaches and will then develop measures that can be taken to stop attackers. Also, emergency plans should be in place to determine how guests will be protected and evacuated. When your event has a security breach, attackers will have likely already evaluated the best targets. A security team will need to determine ahead of time what will most likely be targeted. For example, if there is a guest speaker who has recently had death threats issued against him or her, more security may be needed for the speaker. Consider who is most likely to gain from your event being disrupted. Are there any political activists who might be opposed? By analyzing potential attackers, it is easier to determine how much security and the type of security that would be ideal. Decide on Additional Security Measures Certain security measures will require a more advanced notice and better preparation. This includes X-ray machines, bomb-sniffing dogs and metal detectors. Surveillance cameras are useful for recording any incidents that require further investigation. Check IDs and Control Access Control access into and out of the event so that all IDs can be checked. This way, if guests need a ticket or invitation, you can make sure that one was brought....

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