Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

If You Can't Do It, Let Professionals Do It For You: Why You Need Home Watch Services

by Deann Collins

When contemplating whether to hire a home watch service, many homeowners are likely to ask themselves a few questions. Why pay for a service when you can have a neighbor stop by and check-in from time to time? Just lock everything up! What's the worst that could happen?

A simple response to these and other questions is what about the "what-ifs" that come into play? What if there is a break-in? What if your HVAC system needs repair? What if there is a pest intrusion? What if you are away longer than you initially anticipated? 

Clearly, there are a few important reasons to hire a home watch service. Here's why. 

 Peace of Mind When You Are Away 

A home watch service provides an extra set of eyes and ears while you are away. It helps you monitor the condition of your unoccupied home or vacant rental properties. 

Even when vacationing somewhere for a week or two, you can rest easy knowing professionals are looking after and taking care of your home and will address any problem that arises during your absence. You will be notified about any concerns, and repairs will be handled promptly to prevent costlier pitfalls the longer you are away. 

Meet Insurance Requirements 

Did you know your home insurance has grounds to deny any insurance claims of property damage while you were away? This is because insurance companies feel that a home left abandoned for a certain period is a higher target for thieves and burglars. 

As such, you will need a professional company overseeing your home while you are away and to record any damage resulting from burglaries, water leaks, pest damage, among others. Also, some insurance clauses will require you to keep the house and the grounds well maintained and the utilities active. This is where professional home watching services come in handy. 

Protecting Your Investment 

A home watch service allows you to protect your valuable investment by detecting and tending to arising problems early on.  For example, faulty appliances and electrical problems are tended to before fire breakouts. Water leaks are observed, stopped, and repaired before causing significant damage. Pests are appropriately dealt with and kept at bay before they make your home their home too.

As you can see, home watch services provide comprehensive benefits for your unoccupied property. Whether you are a snowbird, vacationing for an extended period, own a second home, or own unoccupied rental properties, home watch services could mean the difference between detecting problems early on or risking damage by leaving your property unprotected. 

Contact a company like Oceanside Home Watch LLC to learn more about home watch services. 


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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

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