Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Places Where Security Guards Can Be Important

by Deann Collins

Security guards can be used to help overlook what happens just about anywhere and they can help to keep the peace and protect people. However, there are some places where the presence of a security guard can be especially helpful because those places have a higher risk of criminal activity, are in an area that has a higher level of criminal activity, deal with a good number of people who can become volatile, have expensive equipment or merchandise to protect, are going to be having a huge gathering of people in the same location, and more. You can get a better idea of some of the types of places that can make good use of security guards by reading more here about some places that commonly use them:

Construction sites

A lot of times there are construction sites that have security guards posted. The construction sites can be big targets for criminals because they often like to vandalize construction sites or steal expensive tools, equipment, and building materials from them. 


Warehouses also have security guards posted a lot of times. The security guards may man the entrance to make sure only employees and delivery trucks enter the premises. They can also walk the perimeter to make sure no one has snuck onto the property who isn't supposed to be there. Warehouses can be targets for criminals because they can house a lot of items, many of which can be expensive or easy to sell. The items will be packaged in bulk, so if someone were to come in with a truck, they could quickly make off with cases of expensive items. 

Schools and colleges

The growing instances of violence on school grounds has led to many districts choosing to have security guards on site. When the security guards are on the school grounds, they can keep an eye on things to prevent instances of violence. Also, should something begin to happen, they can try to resolve the problem before it turns too violent or lead to something major like a stand-off with police. 

Healthcare facility grounds

There is a need for security guards on the properties of healthcare facilities, such as hospitals. There are a lot of reasons why people can become violent on hospital property ranging from being given horrible news about themselves or a loved one to being brought in for a mental problem that escalates to the point of them becoming dangerous.

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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

I had always thought that security guards were only needed by the rich and famous. I never expected to have to hire one for my family until our home was broken into one night. Immediately after the break-in, my children were terrified to go to sleep at night. We found a good security system that couldn't be installed until a few days later. After two sleepless nights, I decided to look into hiring a security guard to stay awake at our home for one night, so I could finally get some rest. I couldn't believe how affordable it was to have a guard at my home for a few hours during the night, and we all got great sleep knowing were safe. I hope I help others who have suffered from home break-ins. A security guard can help you feel secure when waiting for your security system to be installed.