Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

A Look At Common Job Duties As A Security Expert In A Retail Environment

by Deann Collins

In a retail environment, there are few things more important to the overall operation of the store than loss prevention. Theft, vandalism, and other negative occurrences can drastically cut into store profits because of the damages caused. Because of this, it is fairly common for retail stores to hire outside security professionals to help keep problems with loss and damages out of the equation. As a trained security guard, retail jobs are fairly easy to find. Here is a look at some of the responsibilities you will likely have as a security guard in a retail environment. 

Watching for Shoplifters During Business Hours

Shoplifting is a huge problem for retail stores. Because there are so many customers in a store at one time, it can be difficult to catch shoplifters in the act, and in most cases, the store management cannot actually accuse someone of taking something unless they were witnessed doing so.

Therefore, it is common for retailers to hire security guards who browse the store during business hours, dressed in regular clothing, to keep an eye on shoplifters inconspicuously. It would also be your job to stop shoplifters at the door if they try to leave the store with merchandise they have not paid for. 

Handling and Surveying Security Footage

Pretty much any bigger retailer will have in-store surveillance equipment to watch for problems at all times of the day in all areas of the store. As a security guard, it may be your responsibility to review the footage captured in the event there is a suspected problem. For example, you may be asked to review the footage if:

  • There have been issues with vandalism after hours 
  • There are suspected shoplifters that need to be identified
  • There have been incidents that need assessment, such as a fight, robbery, or another event

Offering Testimony with Legal Matters

When someone is caught stealing in a retail store, the typical line of action is to call the authorities and press charges for theft. These cases almost always end up in court, and, therefore, there needs to be someone there from the store to represent their side of the story. It is not uncommon for the security guards employed by a retailer be the people who testify in court on behalf of the store. Since you are likely a big part of the theft incident, and likely have first-hand accounts to offer, it is logical that you may be asked to offer your testimony.

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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

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