Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Small Dogs & Large Spaces: Easy Ways To Monitor Your Little Critters At Home

by Deann Collins

When a small dog is left home alone, it can roam around large areas and possibly cause trouble. Keeping track of these animals is important when you're away for work or a social outing. Instead of worrying or waiting until you get home, there are multiple security features you can have installed that cater to the monitoring of your pet. Installing these features can ensure that your pets are safe and not getting into any trouble.

Low Positioned Motion Sensors

Small dogs may have slight movements and small frames that do not activate motion sensors like humans typically do. To help track your dog's movements from room to room, you can have a security company install low positioned motion sensors. These motion sensors can be connected with cameras to record footage and feed the footage right to your phone or other device. Along with watching your dog, the motion sensors and cameras can be used to track any services you may hire like a dog walker.

Doggy Door Security

Your small dog may have the freedom to roam out into a small kennel area to go to the bathroom. During some situations you may want to lock or monitor the doggy door area. For example, you may want to lock off the area if a bad storm is coming through. A security company can help you install advanced security doggy doors. These doors feature automatic locking and can connect to your Wi-Fi for remote operation. These features can prevent anyone from climbing through the doggy door, but still gives your small canine access when needed.

Hidden Security Cameras

A number of security cameras are typically mounted up high. If you want to get the perspective of your small dog, then you can have small hidden security cameras installed in your home. These cameras blend in with regular objects and are typically placed at a low level to capture clear footage of your dog. For example, you can purchase items like potted plants or tissue boxes with hidden cameras placed in them. A security company can help link cameras to your current system so that it's easy to view footage of your dog.

Home Automation

A small dog needs to be comfortable and safe when left inside a home. The best way to monitor these situations is by having home automation security features installed. For example, you can have automated tools for your thermostat. This allows you to operate your air conditioner in the summer and the heater during the winter. You can make the conditions comfortable for your dog.

Small dogs can easily run away and get lost. This is why home automation tools can really help out with garage doors. Alerts can be sent when the garage door is left open. You can easily shut it through an app-connected device like a phone.

Contact home security companies for more information on the various services and ways you can help keep your small dog safe.


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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

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