Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Worried About Repeat Burglaries? How Safe Maintenance Can Prevent Additional Monetary Losses

by Deann Collins

Having a large safe in your organization is a convenient way to secure things of value. However, it does make your establishment a target for thieves and burglars. If you have already experienced a robbery in the last couple of months, you may want to call in the security company that provides the repairs to your safe and request a service package for safe maintenance. The information below describes this maintenance can consist of and how it can prevent additional monetary losses.

Oiling Gears, Checking Tumblers and Preventing Sounds

Large safes, and even smaller wall safes, usually have several gears and tumblers inside them. To keep these moving smoothly, they need to be oiled. To oil them, your technician may need to take part of the safe apart. At this time, he or she may also check to see if there is any unusual grinding between gears and tumblers. The grinding actually aids a safecracker in determining when he or she is getting close to unlocking the safe. Your technician can file down some of the rough and grinding spots on the tumblers while oiling the gears so that everything moves so smoothly it is hard for a safecracker to detect any sound or movement at all.

Tightening Loose Bolts

If you did not have your security company perform a full checkup on your safe the last time it was burglarized, you may be surprised to discover that it has some loose components or loose bolts. The loose bolts, especially if they are part of the mechanism that turns the door's wheel and opens the safe, can make it that much easier for your safe to be re-burglarized. The security technician can tighten these bolts while still making sure that the door's wheel can turn smoothly. This makes it more difficult for a thief to break open the safe by pulling the opening wheel free from loose bolts and forces the thief to spend precious seconds loosening the bolts again (when the thief cannot or does not use the tumbler listening method to crack a safe).

Checking and Testing Electrical Components

Many modern safes now have electrical and digital components. These components run on electrical wiring and timers connected to your security system. They may be programmable or manual. Regardless of how your system works, you should have the wiring, timers and security codes checked, tested and changed regularly to confuse and confound any would-be thieves. This service should also coincide with daylight savings time (where it is observed) so that the safe is running on the same schedule as you and your organization are. If any electrical components or wiring are not working properly, working on the correct time, or just not working at all, a thief can take full advantage of this situation.


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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

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