Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

How You Should Use Security At Your Next Event

by Deann Collins

During an event, you have the responsibility to make sure that all of the attendees and special guests are protected from security breaches. Not only that, but proper security will make the event a greater success, especially if you follow these tips. 

Understand the Security Guards' Role

Event security not only exists to keep your event safe, but they are also responsible for helping you run the event. For example, they help you manage the flow of attendees to and from the event. Therefore, you must make sure that the security guards are treated as a part of your team and are filled-in on the details of everything you expect to occur during the event.

Choose the Right Balance of Guards

You will want the right balance between security and the number of guests. Not only will too much security cost more money, but it will also likely make your guests feel uneasy. Bring this up as you interview multiple security companies to get a sense of what you need.

Fill the event with a mixture of visible and plainclothes security guards. The uniformed guards should be on the outside perimeter, while the plainclothes guards should be inside, providing an extra level of security. Plainclothes security guards could wear shirts that simply read "staff."

Predict Threats

The problem with managing security yourself is that it can be difficult for you to predict which threats are the most likely to happen. Security experts will evaluate your event to predict any potential security breaches and will then develop measures that can be taken to stop attackers. Also, emergency plans should be in place to determine how guests will be protected and evacuated.

When your event has a security breach, attackers will have likely already evaluated the best targets. A security team will need to determine ahead of time what will most likely be targeted. For example, if there is a guest speaker who has recently had death threats issued against him or her, more security may be needed for the speaker.

Consider who is most likely to gain from your event being disrupted. Are there any political activists who might be opposed? By analyzing potential attackers, it is easier to determine how much security and the type of security that would be ideal.

Decide on Additional Security Measures

Certain security measures will require a more advanced notice and better preparation. This includes X-ray machines, bomb-sniffing dogs and metal detectors. Surveillance cameras are useful for recording any incidents that require further investigation.

Check IDs and Control Access

Control access into and out of the event so that all IDs can be checked. This way, if guests need a ticket or invitation, you can make sure that one was brought.  


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Security Guards Are Not Just for Celebrities

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